Ersatz for Transcendence


Collagraph (colour relief print)

Ersatz for Transcendence


From the Hello Plato series - each print is composed of geometric shapes, circle, square, triangle, rectangle, the grid and symmetry. The 1969-70-71 series of collagraphic prints exploited the fortuitous "givens" of the wet on wet printing process (yellow,red, blue PMS inks) in several ways. The series works with colour and close tonal harmonies rather than strong contrasts. Consequently this results in prints which appear to be grounded in one colour, being disrupted by lines, points, and maculae in various other colours. Maculae, considered a blemish in most printing processes is here incorporated as part of the construction of meaning within the image.
"Ersatz for transcendence", further exploits the givens of the printing process by being one of an edition of 10 artist- proof prints which are not numbered because they are all of equal value and unique.

All 10 images are vertical rectangles and consist of a ground of geometric and organic shapes, points and lines. At the centre is a translucent gold coloured, gridded square, pierced by circles.

640 x 526 mm

Te Moana Studio, Geraldine, South Canterbury, New Zealand

1960s and 1972 , Christchurch, Cleaven's Art Gallery; Akaroa, Bossard's Art Gallery; Dunedin, Dawson's Art Gallery; Auckland, New Vision gallery; Wellington, Bett/Duncan Gallery