Your Mental Set: we trust the continuity of shapes

Book / Fan

Your Mental Set: we trust the continuity of shapes


The work: constructed from brown Wibilin paper, the surface of which is scored and folded into a double fan shape, folded and compressed into the centre; black ink blots are an integral part of the surface construction; the surface is varnished with polymer varnish containing UVLs.

The dialogue: These are not manifestations of traditional ordered constructions but of forms subjected to ex-change and mutation.

While we desire to “trust the continuity of shapes” and what they represent, there is no certainty, now that every meaning is contestable.

“Your Mental set: we trust the continuity of shapes", offer reflection through projection. The locus of these works lies in the folds between the memory of a culture, change and identity.

The artist’s practice: the grid, collage, free form, shaped mount and shaped support were all part of the artist’s practice by 1972. In this series she brings together the grid, with ink blot free forms and shaped supports in works which erode the boundaries between painting, printing and sculpture.

1988 Vivian Lynn

530 x 590

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington 2006, Hutchins Gallery; Wellington 2009, Enjoy Gallery; Wellington 1996, Brooker Gallery